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Our Growth Practices

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Instead of using store bought premade mixes for our strains, the SYNR.G growing team actually tailors a unique nutrient blend recipe.

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These are big plants that are maintained in a vegetative state in order to produce clones. In our “Mother Room”, there is one Mother to our Mother plants. We treat these plants like the precious entities they are – with the highest level of care and attention. Part of our responsibility is to tend to these plants and ensure they get the most attention. We always have the next generation of plants ready to replace their Mother so they are always young and healthy.

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We utilize techniques to defend our plants from pesky bugs, by using special plant predators to prevent harmful bugs from getting too comfortable on our plants.

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Our Canadian Perpetual Harvest Facility is state-of-the-art and produces cannabis 365 days a year, steady.

At SYNR.G, there’s a lot that goes into the facility’s environment to ensure quality products. Things like light and irrigation to temperature and air movement, create ideal growing conditions.