Weed and Snacks

We really care about helping you to create moments that matter, inspiring you to explore new ways to experience cannabis and connect with pals. Which is why we offer carefully curated recipes on our site that you can make virtually with friends.
This week we’re tackling a contentious topic — cannabis snacks! Whether you prefer something cold or fresh-from-the-oven, enhance your next session with our fave cannabis products and their best snack mate. You’re welcome.


Pink Grapefruit Haze + Lemon Loaf

Acidity and spice are simpatico. It’s part of the reason why SYNR.G Pink Grapefruit Haze’s pop of sweet lemon citrus works so well with its nutmeg undertones. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, that starts off sweet, with a touch of herbal warmth at the end. The zest of a lemon loaf will get your taste buds tingling and help highlight those cumin and nutmeg undertones without being over competitive.

Tropical Breeze + Tropical Smoothie

Coming in strong with fruity-citrus-lime aromas and pine undertones, SYNR.G Tropical Breeze Dried Flower is an indica-dominant hybrid with fluffy green buds coated in a pretty crystal resin. Matching a fruity smoothie to this breezy strain just makes sense. Blend one up with coconut milk, frozen banana, pineapple, yogurt, orange juice and a squeeze of lime.

Tropical Breeze + Tropical Smoothie Image

Low Dose 1:1 Cannabis Oil + Blueberrry Peppermint Fruit Leather

Swap flavourful buds for SYNR.G Low Dose 1:1 Cannabis Oil and make a cannabis-infused snack. This fruit leather does ask for a bit of your time, cooking low and slow for a couple of hours. But it makes up for it with ease—a few simple ingredients that go for a quick simmer and blend.

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