SYNR.G & Lineage

By biological definition, lineage refers to a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor.1 In the world of cannabis, lineage refers to genetic history and it helps us determine how a cannabis strain will grow, if it likes the environment it’s in and how it will respond. In a nutshell, the genetics of cannabis can control how a plant develops and grows.

So, staying true to lineage during production, can also give growers insight into the specific desired effects and properties upon growth outcomes.

At SYNR.G, lineage has helped us grow plants with the traits we’re looking for. By planting seeds, growing plants, and selecting those with solid structure and a resistance to pests—we can grow with confidence. When we look to lineage, we can identify what new strains will be similar to an existing favourite that we know, trust and already love.

Our growers can actually pick and choose the traits they are looking for in a new strain and use lineage to come up with the right formula. By understanding the lineage of a plant, you are understanding the cannabis’ genetic history. With this information, our growers can determine strain outcome, but can also make healthy decisions for their plants. From an agronomic perspective, Lineage is important when considering how well a plant will grow in certain environments, their resistance to dangerous pests and diseases, if they naturally yield well, how big their bud and canopy can grow and finally the stability and consistency for plant generations to come.


Let’s quickly explore one example.

Our Pink Grapefruit Haze strain is a phenotype of a strain called Nebula, which means that it is one specific combination of the parent genetics. We picked Nebula for our strain because it is citrusy.


Our Tropical Breeze strain is from Brazilian and South Indian landrace strains. The parents of Tropical Breeze were selected because, aside from having big dense flowers covered in trichomes and a great structure, they are tropical and fruity.


When there is a trendy cannabis strain in the market, it’s often a trend based entirely on lineage. After annual cannabis awards are announced, the industry usually looks to California and British Columbia to see what consumers consider to be the hottest strains. The focus at these award events tend to be towards specific attributes like flavour profile, terpene profile and potency- and these are all tied to lineage! But, lineage can also really help you understand the back story of a product. You can follow the lineage of a product you like and understand how it has changed over time. Not only can you use lineage to help you choose a strain to suit your expectations and experience, but you can also use it to help you explore.

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