In celebration of all things carbs

In celebration of all things carbs

Who doesn’t love a noodle? Pasta is filling, fun-shaped, delicious, adaptable and so versatile. It’s evolved from its flour, water and egg origins to be inclusive, with variations made from chickpeas, kamut flour and brown rice.


But pasta is also a vehicle for sauce and that’s where we come in. Incorporate a little something-something to that saucepan with

the addition of SYNR.G 1:1 Cannabis Oil.


And now, our canna-infused love letter to some of Italy’s greatest hits:

  • Option 1

    Add cannabis oil to pesto and dress a penne pasta salad

  • Option 2

    Stir into a classic bolognese and serve over spaghetti

  • Option 3

    Drop into carbonara at the same time you’re tossing in the bucatini

  • Option 4

    Stir into fresh ricotta and dollop on top of stuffed shells or baked ravioli before serving

  • Option 5

    Get brined and add a few drops to puttanesca over vermicelli

  • Option 6

    Go classic fettuccine alfredo with some cannabis oil mixed into the creamy sauce